March 22, 2020

Astronautics Activity Badge

How to earn your badge. Create a document showing the following and send it to your leader.

  1. Find out how craters are formed, and what meteorites tell us about the universe. You could experiment using marbles, rubber balls, foil balls, or stones as meteorites, and a tray filled with sand or flour as your planet/moon surface.  Take a Photo dor your evidence
  2. Compare satellite images of Mars and the Moon with satellite images of Earth. Point out similar landscape features such as craters, valleys and volcanoes. Discuss what Earth observation can tell us about the land, sea and atmosphere.
  3. Build your own satellite dish. Discuss what everyday items rely on satellites. You can use materials such as cardboard and kitchen foil
  4. Think about life elsewhere in the universe. What might it look like? How do we search for life on other planets and moons? How would the human race react to the discovery of life elsewhere in the universe?
  5. Find out about the International Space Station and how astronauts live and work on board.

    International Space Station Quiz

    1 / 15

    How long does it take the ISS to complete one orbit?

    2 / 15

    How long is the ISS?

    3 / 15

    On the ISS a full crew consists of …

    4 / 15

    What is the average speed of the ISS?

    5 / 15

    The primary purpose of the ISS is to be a …

    6 / 15

    How many orbits of the Earth does the ISS complete in a day?

    7 / 15

    When did the first resident crew arrive at the ISS?

    8 / 15

    The first ISS module, launched on November, 20 1998 was called …

    9 / 15

    Which other space station was still inhabited whilst the first components of the ISS where being assembled?

    10 / 15

    Five space agencies are part of the ISS program. They are NASA, Roscosmos, JAXA, ESA and …

    11 / 15

    On which module are the two main engines which are used to maintain the station’s correct altitude?

    12 / 15

    The ISS is not the first space station to have had a crew. How many previous stations have been manned?

    13 / 15

    The first component of the ISS was launched in …

    14 / 15

    How long did the ISS remain unmanned?

    15 / 15

    How many hours a day do astronauts on the ISS need to exercise?

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  6. Research a current space mission, such as a mission to Mars. Then, design a model of your own space probe or other spacecraft, including the instruments on board that enable it to complete its mission. This could be a drawing, a 3D computer model, or physical model. Take photos and screenshots for your evidence. 
  7. Build, launch and recover a model rocket. Think about the shape of your rocket and why that’s important. Make a second launch to achieve a specific objective, such as reaching a certain height or carrying a fragile payload, like an egg. You could do this with an empty plastic bottle (Google for instructions). Take photos/videos for evidence. 

Useful Resources

How To Submit Evidence To Your Leader

If your leader has Badges at Home Enabled

OSM has a new feature called badges at home! If enabled by your leader then you can have your parent log onto the OSM parent portal and submit evidence for your badge there. You can upload a document of evidence with photos, as well as attach videos you may have taken of evidence.

If your leader doesn’t have Badges at Home Enabled.

In this case, you will need to email your leader with the evidence. They should have an email address in the following format “”.

Hopefully they have told you this address if it is slightly different in spelling (or a shortened name). You should avoid sending any emails to a leader’s personal address because of GDPR.

You can attach evidence to the email such as a word document or a link to a google doc. Videos may be too large in size for this method so you may want to upload them elsewhere (As A Privately Hosted Video with your parent’s permission) and put a link in the email.

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