March 23, 2020


Stage 1 Requirements:

Show that you can:

  • Turn on and log into a computer
  • Use a piece of software, for example an email or a game
  • Name the main parts of a computer system


Computer Parts Quiz

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An electronic communications network that connects computer networks and organizational computer facilities around the world.

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What has a list of commands for you to choose from.

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This part of the computer is used to help programs work while the computer is turned on.  It is erased when the computer is turned off or restarted:

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This helps your computer connect to the internet:

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Any part of a computer system that you can see or touch.

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Only you can hear when using these:

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Type letters, numbers, and other symbols with this:

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What is the main part or brains of the computer that processes instructions, performs calculations and manages the flow of information through a computer system.

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Piece of hardware that displays test and graphics from a computer.

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This is where important files, including your own, are stored permanently:

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A strip of icons on a computer display providing quick access to certain functions.

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This will copy your picture or paper and save it on your computer:

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A handheld device that controls the pointer on the screen.

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This will give you a paper copy of the work you have done on the computer:

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A flashing symbol on the computer screen that shows where the information you enter will appear.

Please enter the following Information for your certificate

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The average score is 80%


  • Connect a peripheral (for example a scanner or printer) to your computer and use it. This could also be a mouse or keyboard (Unplug and plug back in)
  • Create a piece of digital media. It could be artwork, a photograph, music or animation.
  • Use the internet for research:decide on an area of interest
  • find three websites with content that matches your area of interest
  • collect relevant information by printing or saving as files
  • Using your internet research, design a presentation and tell others about what you have found out. This could be an electronic or paper-based presentation. We recommend recording a video or making a PowerPoint. But a document will also suffice.

How To Submit Evidence To Your Leader

If your leader has Badges at Home Enabled

OSM has a new feature called badges at home! If enabled by your leader then you can have your parent log onto the OSM parent portal and submit evidence for your badge there. You can upload a document of evidence with photos, as well as attach videos you may have taken of evidence.

If your leader doesn’t have Badges at Home Enabled.

In this case, you will need to email your leader with the evidence. They should have an email address in the following format “”.

Hopefully they have told you this address if it is slightly different in spelling (or a shortened name). You should avoid sending any emails to a leader’s personal address because of GDPR.

You can attach evidence to the email such as a word document or a link to a google doc. Videos may be too large in size for this method so you may want to upload them elsewhere (As A Privately Hosted Video with your parent’s permission) and put a link in the email.

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