May 1, 2020 – Online Pictionary

Number of Participants: 12 per Skribbl room


  • Use Zoom breakout rooms to run multiple games at once for more than 12 participants.
  • For younger users download the word list at the bottom of this resource and copy and paste them into the custom words field. Then check the use custom words exclusively checkbox.
  • If using a presentation like the one supplied below, start the game before the meeting and paste the link in.


  • 1 player create a room and share the link at the bottom of the lobby via video conferencing. Link to – Make sure to create a private game.
  • Everyone in the video call, navigates to the link and enters their name.
  • Each turn one player selects from three words and begins to draw as the timer runs down.
  • Every other player will see the number of letters and tries to guess the word, entering their guesses in the bottom right.
  • Most correct answers and fastest answers win!

12th Sevenoaks - Edenbridge

Beavers (Whittle Dam)
Beavers (Errwood Dam)
Cubs (Shere-Khan)
Cubs (Stonebridge)
Scouts (Hogwarts)
Explorers (Beaufighters)