May 1, 2020

Would I Lie to You?

Based on the popular TV show.


  • Email Scout’s parents for an interesting or funny fact about their child. This doesn’t need to be embarrassing but obscure facts are good.
  • Meanwhile create some lies to randomly give out.
  • Invite the Scouts to a video conference.
  • Tell them the rules:
    • If the statement is not true their are to try and convince everyone that it is.
    • If it is true, be truthful but obscure as to try and dupe as many people as possible.
    • If you knew the statement to be true before the game, stay quiet about it.
  • The Leader says the name of the person so they can prepare themselves. Then reads out the statement and invites everyone to ask questions to the person about the statement.

Tips and gotchas:

  • Use simple lies to allow for improvisation.
  • Start with your most confident scout or one who has done improvisation before as it can be stressful trying to lie.

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