June 22, 2020

Guess Who?


  • Invite the Young People to join a video conference.
  • Before the meeting ask the Young People to join wearing different costumes or clothes. Think vampire teeth, fake mustaches, hats, scarfs.
  • While one leader runs the game and picks the Participant to be identified, nominate another leader to answer Yes/No questions
  • Let young people take it on turns to ask Yes/No questions until the correct person is found!
  • Have people turn off their cameras as the equivalent of putting tiles down. E.G, if the question is are they wearing a hat, and the leader answering says no, then all those without hats turn off their camera.

Tips and gotchas:

12th Sevenoaks - Edenbridge

Beavers (Whittle Dam)
Beavers (Errwood Dam)
Cubs (Shere-Khan)
Cubs (Stonebridge)
Scouts (Hogwarts)
Explorers (Beaufighters)