June 22, 2020


Play a game of scattergories with your young people!


  • Invite the Young People to join a video conference.
  • Get young people to bring some paper and a pen for the meeting
  • Using the lists below choose a category and letter of the alphabet
  • Ask young people to write on the paper something from that category beginning with the letter you chose.
  • Get all young people to hold up answers to the camera at the same time
  • If a young person has a unique answer then they get a point, but if another player gives the same answer they both get 0 points for that round. At the end of the game tally up the points for the winner.

Tips and gotchas:

  • Make sure young people write clearly and not too large that they go though too much paper
  • Some cameras may be flipped which means you may have to read peoples answers back to front. Cameras may be flipped in the settings of some video conferencing software such as zoom, but with younger sections this may cause too much distraction if they are taught how to do this. (Can lead to upside down cameras and virtual backgrounds…)

12th Sevenoaks - Edenbridge

Beavers (Whittle Dam)
Beavers (Errwood Dam)
Cubs (Shere-Khan)
Cubs (Stonebridge)
Scouts (Hogwarts)
Explorers (Beaufighters)