St George’s Day 2021

Sevenoaks Scouts presents St Georges day 2021! 25 days of daily challenges with a live St Georges day broadcast on Sunday 25th April 2021. Challenges are published here daily, and if you miss a day you can still do it and submit it by the end of 23rd April 23:59 to be in with a chance for that day’s prize!

Join us here on the 25th of April at 3pm for our live broadcast to renew your promise, see the district awards ceremony, and find out who has won prizes for their St Georges day challenges! Prizes will be available for the best submissions to the different challenges. Click Here to load the Live Stream on YouTube

Click here to load YouTube Live Stream for 3pm start on 25th April 2021

You can also take part in “Race to the Top”, a 24-day race in teams of up to 5 from your section to walk the most distance up and down Kilimanjaro virtually between the 1st and 24th April!

St George’s Dragon

Remember to submit your St Georges day dragon photos for consideration for a prize by the end of the 23rd of April! Submissions can be uploaded on the St Georges Dragon tab below.


Reminder: Challenges should be submitted by the end of the 23rd of April for consideration for prizes. Challenges 24 & 25 will not be announced on the live stream and can be submitted until the end of April for prize consideration.

Challenge Submission

Submit your challenges below using the file upload form. Please ensure you use the same email address each time you submit so that we can link your submissions together!

Day 1

Your challenge for day 1 is a simple one (At least we hope it is!). Find your Scout Uniform and make sure it is clean and ironed (removing any lockdown dust!). You could even sow on any new badges you have received but haven’t sown on yet! (Such as your Kilimanjaro Adventure or Climate Quest Badge)

Need a new uniform? Check out the local Scout Shop leaflet here…

Day 2

Welcome to your second daily challenge! Todays challenge is to Complete a creative project about your favourite part of Scouting.

It could be about anything from your favourite games, to adventurous activites, or even camping! How you choose to do this creative project is also up to you! You could create a model, bake a cake, make a poster, or even film a video..


Day 3

Your challenge for Day 3 is to make a poster about how Easter is celebrated in another part of the world!

The country you choose is entirely up to you, and feel free to get creative!


Day 4

Your challenge for day 4 is to design and paint an egg, and then take part in an egg and spoon race. You could race your sibling or even your parents! If not you could time yourself to race a short distance and compare it to your friends’ attempts!


Day 5

Todays challenge is to go for a walk! Where you go and how far you walk is up to you, but make sure you follow your local covid guidelines…

While doing your walk why not sign up for Race to the Top by the 2022 Kilimanjaro Expedition team. You can create or join a team of 5 people from the same section and race to do the most laps of our Virtual Kilimanjaro befor St Georges day!

You will need to sign up for, or log into, the Kilimanjaro Adventure Challenge website and visit this link! (But be aware the link below will redirect you to the homepage if you have not logged in yet!)

You can keep checking back during the month to submit more walks, and dont forget to keep an eye on that leaderboard!


Day 6

For today’s challenge, we would like you to take a step into the kitchen and help to cook your family’s dinner tonight. If you’re fairly competent or would like more of a challenge then why not cook the whole meal yourself (with your parent’s supervision) and make sure to let us see your creations!

Why not head over to our events page and sign up for one of the many easter cooking sessions we have with Zoe from Shiny Kitchen where you can learn to cook some yummy meals!

As with all our daily challenges you don’t have to do them on the day they are released as long as they are sent in by the 23rd if you want a chance at one of the prizes… This means you can take part in one of the later cooking sessions if you cant get on today’s one!

This is a special Star activity, so the winner for today may receive a bigger prize!


Day 7

Let’s get active! For today’s challenge, you simply need to find a 5-minute exercise video online or make up your own and get your heart pumping! You can follow along to the ‘Campersize’ video on the Kilimanjaro Adventure Challenge website for inspiration.


Day 8

Hopefully after Easter you still have a few cardboard boxes or general recycling lying around. Why not put it to great use? Your task today is to make a simple boat or raft out of recycled materials and see if it floats. You can test this in a basin, bowl of water or even in a pond (but make sure you can retrieve it afterwards!).


Day 9

Learning to tie knots and lashings is a skill that becomes increasingly important as you work your way up the Scout sections, so it would be great if you can learn to tie a new one no matter what age you are. To get you started, you can watch the following video to show you how to tie a friendship knot (there are a few different ways).

This knot is often used by Scouts to secure the neckerchiefs, instead of a woggle – either because they’ve lost it – or because they’re worried they might. Friendship knots are often tied on neckercheifs at World Scout Jamborees when trading scarfs as a symbol of friendship.


Day 10

We should always be kind to our siblings/ parents, but today is extra special. It is siblings day! We are asking you to do a kind act for a sibling or parent and this can be big or small! Let them know how much they mean to you and maybe they will return the favour.


Day 11

As it’s the Easter holidays for the majority of you, a great way to stay active and get creative is to make your own obstacle course. Find a route around your house or garden and see how quickly it takes you to complete it! Can you challenge your parents or siblings to beat your time? Make sure to take care when completing this challenge! Let us know how you get on.


Day 12

The last year hasn’t been easy for many people, but some amazing people out there have helped keep everyone going! Today’s challenge is to write a thank you note for someone who has helped you in the past year!


Day 13

Todays challenge is to Roast marshmallows/s’mores! Why not get creative with your fillings to make them even more tastey!


Day 14

Todays challenge is to either sign up for one of our Scouting history events this week (Wednesday or Sunday) to find out about Scouts or Wolf cubs in the 1940’s, OR to do some of your own research and find out about why scouts always shake hands using their Left hand instead of their Right hand.


Day 15

Today’s challenge is to take part in a scavenger hunt! See how many points you can get in total! Download the scavenger hunt PDF list of items below.

Download List


Day 16

Today’s challenge is to Explore a new footpath. This could be as part of a shorter walk by taking a new route, or a longer walk through the countryside. Why not use it as an opportunity to build up some Race to the Top miles.


Day 17

Today’s challenge is to take part in Box Jam. Box Jam is an online Jamboree run by Norfolk Scouts. You can sign up and take part here… You can even camp out at home if you want to!

Day 18

Today’s challenge is the codebreaker challenge! Click here to download your worksheet and break the secret code!

Today is also the last day you can nominate a young person or leader for one of our St Georges day awards! Check out the awards nominations tab above!


Day 19

Today’s challenge is to fold an origami animal! There are many examples and tutorials you can find online to fold your favourite animal using paper, or you could even fold an animal out of towels, just like you see in some hotels!

Today’s challenge also counts as one of your Kilimanjaro Adventure Challenge Badge Serengeti Zone activities!


Day 20

Todays challenge is all about mental health. Say “Hi” to somone new who you have not met before.

Good Deed

Day 21

Todays challenge is to learn your name in sign language! To sign your name, Fingerspelling is used as a majority of names do not ahve particular signs. Use the diagrams below to spell your name. (Red arrows indicate hand movement).


Day 22

Today is Earth Day! 🌎 Take a look at one of the following links to see what it’s all about

For today’s challenge we would like you to make your own Earth. This can be in whichever format you’d like, but if you’d like to be one step closer to earning your Climate Quest badge and have the correct resources to hand then why not make Earth Toast or Marshmallows!

Day 23

Today’s challenge is to make your own St Georges flag ready for St Georges day! Don’t forget to show it off to us in the challenge submission area.

Star Challenge

Day 24

Today’s challenge is to remember the scouting promise and law. Tell us how you have kept this promise and law either in scouting or your personal life.

You can find a copy of the Law and promise here…


Day 25

Todys challenge is to join the St Georges live stream at 3pm! You will find a link to it at the top of this page closer to 3pm. Why not send us a picture of you in the uniform as part of todays challenge submission!

St Georges Dragon

St George’s Dragon Kit

Order your Free St George’s Day Dragon Kit for local collection. Click anywhere in this box to order. Order by the 9th to guarantee your kit in time for St Georges Day!

Create your very own St Georges dragon with one of our free dragon kits! Order one above by the 9th of April to guarantee your pack ready for pickup in time for St Georges Day!

When you have your pack, build and decorate your dragon and come back here to submit a photo on the form below. The best entry will win a prize! But make sure to enter by the 23rd to be in with a chance! Submissions after this will be still accepted below but not entered into the prize draw.

Award Nominations

For the first time this year, in lieu of our original plans to hold an awards evening at our Annual General Meeting, in addition to our usual awards for service, we will be presenting some district-based awards during our St Georges live stream!

We welcome nominations for the awards on the form below. Select an award to find out more about it! Nominations open on Tuesday 6th April and are open until Sunday 18th April.

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