March 25, 2020

Home Safety Badge

Complete all the following sections to get your badge:

Find out what to do about a burst water pipe, gas leak or electricity power failure in your home.
  • Try to write a list or draw pictures of 5 things in your home that need electricity and things that don't need electricity.


What to do in a Power Cut

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What might be useful if it’s cold?

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What do you need to check when the electricity goes off?

3 / 7

What do you need to use to see in the dark?

4 / 7

What do you need spares of to make sure your torch doesn’t run out of power?

5 / 7

What’s useful to have so you can call someone?

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What should you keep closed during a power cut to help food stay cold?

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How could you find out why you have a power cut?

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Identify the common causes of accidents in the home. How they can be prevented?        
Find out how to protect your home from crime.        
Find out where the nearest public telephone box is to your house. Where else could you make an emergency call if the public telephone wasn’t working?
  • Why not draw a map/picture of your house and the nearest phone (Not including your home phone)
Make a list of useful emergency numbers.        

How To Submit Evidence To Your Leader

If your leader has Badges at Home Enabled

OSM has a new feature called badges at home! If enabled by your leader then you can have your parent log onto the OSM parent portal and submit evidence for your badge there. You can upload a document of evidence with photos, as well as attach videos you may have taken of evidence.

If your leader doesn’t have Badges at Home Enabled.

In this case, you will need to email your leader with the evidence. They should have an email address in the following format “”.

Hopefully they have told you this address if it is slightly different in spelling (or a shortened name). You should avoid sending any emails to a leader’s personal address because of GDPR.

You can attach evidence to the email such as a word document or a link to a google doc. Videos may be too large in size for this method so you may want to upload them elsewhere (As A Privately Hosted Video with your parent’s permission) and put a link in the email.