April 13, 2020

COVID-19 Time Capsule

Take part in the time capsule challenge by creating your own COVID-19 time capsule!

Start by finding a container that us big enough to house some sheets of paper and some items you may want to add to your time capsule. The better the container is at keeping the elements out the longer your time capsule will last.

Now you have your time capsule container download these sheets and fill them in with your thoughts and experiences for your future self to read. Get your parents to help with the relevant parts.

From here you can now either close up your time capsule or add some items to it. If you add some items to the capsule make sure they are things that:

  • A) Will have some meaning when you open the box in the future
  • B) Arent anything important that you will be needing again anytime soon.

Once you have closed up your time capsule then you need to store it away somewhere safe and out fon the way. Preferably somewhere dry and dark to prevent moisture and sunlight damaging the contents. If you have a good container you might be able to bury it in the garden if you have one (make sure your parents are ok with this!).

Now leave it in place until a date in the future. Perhaps when you turn 18 or even longer. If your whole group takes part maybe your leaders will set a date to open it.