June 22, 2020

Crisis Command

In Crisis Command the scouts must work in teams to co-ordinate the Emergency Services response to an incident. They receive messages from the public and police reports from site and must decide how to direct the Emergency Service to respond.

They get access to a message centre to recieve and send messages to the various emergency services as well as a traffic map which shows build up of traffic around the incident so they can co-ordinate road blocks and diversions.

As a leader you play the part of the Brain of the game and respond to the the scouts requests to each of the services and you control the traffic build up on the map.

This would make a great activity for Scouts and Explorers but is a much more involved game and requires 1 – 2 leaders per game to run. It is highly recommend you practice it first as the game can move quickly and there is quite a bit involved to run it.

There is a default incident loaded based on a Road Traffic Accident on the M5, however the game is fully customisable so you can create your own incident based on a location near to you if you want, or just run with the default.

There is a comprehensive how to run the game guide in the host control panel so make sure you read this before trying to play.

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